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Call Us on 03 9310 4191

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What we do for you

Our mission is to make your business a success. Thats because your success is our success. We accomplish this by:

Promoting your business

Increasing Sales

Reducing Operating costs

Increasing Customer Satisfaction


We create your success by improving your overall online:

Web Design

Our job is to give you a tailored creative design to your website that promotes your business and increases your sales.

  • Attracting your target audience
  • Being superior to your competition
  • Exploiting market opportunities

We add features to your website to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction such as:

  • Providing immediate online quotations
  • Ability to update your own website
  • Allow people to shop online

We aim to exceed your expectations when we develop, deliver and support all this for you. Here are some of the highlights from our completed projects.

Click here to find out more more on what we offer for web design

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing for your website is more than being found in Google, pay per click ads and Facebook. It is about making sure you have the following in place:

Attracts your target audience

Builds Credibility and Trust

Guides People Through the Buying Process

Present Services That Meet their Needs

Successfully Lead to Inquiries and Sales

Provides Return on Investment

Exceeding sales targets is what we aim to do when it comes to internet marketing for you.

Click here to find out more more on what we offer for internet marketing

Digital Strategy

We begin our journey with a free discovery session where we meet you. We chat about your vision, requirements and expectations for your overall online presence. We ask questions like:

How can me measure success?

Who is the target audience?

How do we engage them online?

What keywords with your target audience use to search what you deliver?

How can we maximize your inquiry conversion rates?

How do we exceed your sales target?

Together we work out your goals to form the foundation of your digital strategy.

Click here to find out more more on what we offer for digital strategy.

Website Support

The most important aspect of Vixen for you is our commitment to customer support. We support you from project inception and onwards. We will make you become an online success. We promise to deliver the customer service you deserve by:

Listening to you

Resolving issues for you

Taking the extra step for you

Being helpful and honest with you

Sharing our experiences with you

Throwing In something extra, just for you

Click here to find out more more on what we offer for website support.

When you're happy, we're happy

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We work with small & large companies

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